LA Jewish Singles Event of the Year - The Ball 2015 at "ultimate LA hotspot" Bootsy Bellows!

Thursday, December 24 @ Bootsy Bellows

Thursday, December 24 @ Bootsy Bellows

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9 pm - 2am
9229 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
Limited Time: 2-for-$50; $30 regular; $40 at door, if available
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Ages 20s, 30s, and 40s

Advance Sales Are Now Closed. Tickets will be available at the door beginning at 9 pm for $40. Thanks and have a Ball!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Daniels Photography

The Ball 2015 - Christmas Eve, December 24

NYC and LA's Leading Jewish Singles Event! 
Join us at Bootsy Bellows, the "ultimate LA hotspot" that has "returned to dominate WeHo's nightlife scene" and that we completely sold out for The Ball 2013
NBC LA logo"The Ball is all about helping Jewish singles meet up, dance, network, share some laughs and maybe make a lasting connection. Thousands of attendees have been recorded at some of The Balls, so this is big, very big."


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"Close to 1,000 singles dressed-to-impressed celebrated at The Ball." "Inside there were multiple dance floors and beautiful people." 


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"JDate? Feh ... if you are determined to hook up with someone of the Hebraic persuasion, there's one event that promises to be a bigger deal than the parting of the Red Sea: Let My People Go." 
The Ball 2015: 2 DJs + Hundreds of Jewish Singles at LA's Newly-Remodeled A-List "Ultimate" Hotspot 

Bootsy Bellows

"If there was ever a list to get your name on, Bootsy Bellows would be it." - Blackbook Magazine 
"The New-look Bootsy Bellows returns to dominate WeHo's nightlife scene." - Eater LA

"The ultimate LA Hotspot" - Time Out

"Where Hollywood's modern-day Rat Pack goes to get naughty" - PartyEarth

As seen in The New York Times and The Washington Post, we've sponsored the The Nation’s Biggest Jewish Singles Event for the past 20 years in NYC! And during the past 7 years, The Ball has become LA's leading Jewish Singles Event, as well!

You may have joined us previously at Hollywood's hottest of hotspots including Argyle HollywoodAvalon, MyHouse, Colony and Opera & Crimson. (See photos and videos and press)

The Ball at Colony

The Ball at Colony

The Ball in LA at MyHouse

The Ball at MyHouse 

The Ball at Argyle

The Ball at Argyle Hollywood

See more photos and videos from The Ball!

This year, we're returning to "beautiful and glitzy" (Eater LABootsy Bellows, the scene of our completely sold out 2013 Ball!

Newly reopened and remodeled, with a grand re-opening attended by Justin Bieber, Kate Beckinsale, Jason Derulo and Michael B Jordan, Bootsy is the "fantastical realm", "where Hollywood's modern-day Rat Pack go to get naughty." ( 

Countless A-List celebrities visit Bootsy night-after-night", "paparazzi are perpetually planted out front," (KTLA 5) and the venue recently hosted the 2015 VMA AfterParty with The Weeknd.

Named after the stage name of co-owner David Arquette's mother, a burlesque dancer, the new decor features "touches reminiscent of an upscale bachelor pad from the Rat Pack era" and "a lot more to love inside" including "a marble dance floor illuminated by a mirror ball." (Eater).

Bootsy Bellows

Bootsy Bellows

Bootsy Bellows

Photo by Wonho Frank Lee via @Eater

Your Jewvniversal Pass to The Ball 2015, will grant you access to the Main Room and to the infamous, super-exclusive Ivory VIP Room.

Here's what to expect:  

  • The Ball promises to again be LA's premier Jewish Singles event. 
  • Exclusive use of both Bootsy Bellows' Main Room and the super-exclusive Ivory VIP Room (see photo below). This may be the most exclusive VIP Room in Hollywood.
  • 2 DJs and great music all night 
  • Lounge areas for great conversation
  • An unforgettable evening of mixing, mingling, dancing and romancing at one of the "sexiest bars in LA" (Thrillist)
We look forward to hosting you again!
The Ivory Room

The Ivory VIP Room at Bootsy Bellows - perhaps the most exclusive in LA.  Pick up your Jewniversal Pass to have full access!